Afterthoughts 2000 

58 Shows!

Penny Jo Pullus had a great perfromance at the wild, partying, The Hole In The Wall.
Mike White, one of the regulars, was celcbrating his 50th birthday in style.
All kinds of musicians turned out for this one...
It was a good 'ol time.

  • 11/25/00
    Todd Phelps performed this evening at Mango's on the Drag here in Austin. The crowd was nice and small...yet very responsive. The band sounded better than ever...even though there were a few lil' fumbles...ha ha ha ...
    Look for Todd and the band to be getting some shows out on the road ...such as the Texas college circuit...A&M, Tech..etc...

  • 10/21/00
    Todd Phelps had another crazy evening at the Side Street Bar off of 6th St. here in Austin. The crowd started out slow, since the rain had dampened the night. However, it did not take long for the party to kick in. The ladies were dancing...even without the boys...girls on girls can be entertaining as well. Todd also pushed his new single, E.P., C.D., "The Austin Song"...which is doing rather well....receiving airplay on Lone Star 93.3 FM here in Austin.

  • 10/17/00
    Penny Jo Pullus performed at the infamous, Hole In The Wall, this evening. The crowd was small, yet responsive. Penny played a great hour and a half set...of originals and a few dusty covers. It was another good time performing and drumming with Penny Jo and her band.

  • 10/12/00
    Todd Phelps had a great performance this evening opening in front of Roger Craeger at Mango's on the Drag here in Austin. The crowd was packed and huge. Todd also released is new c.d. single, "the Austin Song", as well. After Todd played his 75 minute set, the comedian / songwriter, named Doug Moreland, followed with a 20 minute set of his orignal, humurous, Roger Miller - Like tunes....funny as heck! Roger, a Corpus Cristi native, then joined the stage with his band to close out the evening....Roger and his guys have a damb good thing going on here. This show was sponsored by Lone Star 93.3 FM (KLNC)

  • 10/5/00
    Todd Phelps performed this evening at the Side St. Bar. The crowd was minimal, since it is the U.T. -vs.- O.U. weekend...However, we did not let this spoil the evening at all. Todd should have his c.d. in his hands real soon.
    It was great running into friends; Paul Soroski of Podunk at Side St., and Laura Scarborough at Arron's Rock-N-Roll.

  • 10/4/00
    Todd Phelps had a good time at the Scrap Bar this Wednesday evening, despite 6th St. being rather slow or close to dead...There were a few folks stopping in for a good time including the young gal that got on stage to howl out "Me and Bobby McGee"....WOW! It was great seeing everyone having a good time listening to this gal belt it out....OUCH! Look out Todd...

  • 10/1/00
    Penny Jo Pullus had a great evening performing at the Mexican flavored Jovita's on S.1st's restaurant row. It is really neat playing for Penny...her musicians are top quality...
    Having fine musicians playing there on stage makes the job a whole lot easier...
    The crowd was small yet responsive...the dancers were great...at one point, during Craig Marshall's original tune, the whole place was boot skootin'...
    Thanks to Jovita's for the Veggie plate...tasty!

  • 9/30/00
    Todd Phelps once again, tore down the house at the Scrap Bar on 6th St. This evening was one of the wildest yet...It's a pleasure to see the gals dancing on top of the bar only to remove their panties to hang on the lingerie line of this ugly ass bar!
    "It's getting better all the time..."
    "...and the Party never ends..."
    I had a syncronatic experience loading out my gear around 3 a.m. on the streets downtown...I parked behind this coach only to discover it was my good friend, Jeff Whittington (We were in Men's Chorus, Baritones, Univ. of North Texas, Denton, Texas...under the direction of Jaime Perez!) on tour, playing keys with Deep Blue Something
    Jeff also has a new project, entitiled, The Hundred Inevitables with Toby Pipes and Clay Bergus of Deep Blue Something and drummer John Dufilho. I dig there latest c.d., "Studder", The Hundred Inevitables...Check it out!

  • 9/28/00
    Todd Phelps rocked the house down at the Side St. Bar. This Thursday evening was not as crazy as the last...However, It still was an incredible evening. The crowd was, once again, huge...The night was hot and steamy inside this club...It must have been all the Hot Bodies...OUCH! This was another great show for Todd and the guys...

  • 9/21/00
    Todd Phelps had his best show yet...the crowd was at least 200+...packed into Side St. Pub like a can of sardines...
    After we rocked for the evening, we all were able to view the Thursday Night Fight as well...or should I say RIOT!
    This was a bar brawl, like I have never seen...It took 16 or more cops to arrest 4 U.T. male students...the cops looked a little eager to get in on some action...a baton was even drawn to place a couple of whacks on one of these unlucky college students.
    Go APD!
    "We need you to stand back. Hint, Hint"
    Look out!
    What a trip...a police state that is not in control, but instead, out of control.
    Where was the media?
    This is your fine U.T. Students...ha ha ha...
    "You talking to me?"
    After all was said and done, the Todd Phelps Band kicked a little ass too.

  • 9/20/00
    Todd Phelps had another fine show this evening at the Scrap Bar on 6th St. here in Austin. The crowd was rather large in the first set...however, it seemed to thin out during the final two sets. This evening was a rather slow evening...considering the crowds were not out tonight.
    Todd still rocked the house down!

  • 9/6/00
    Todd Phelps had one of his best shows yet at the Scrap Bar on 6th St. here in Austin. The crowd was huge and reponsive, considering the college kids are back in town. What a night! It gets better each and every time.

  • 8/30/00
    Todd Phelps had another great evening at the Scrap Bar on 6th St.. Well, the kids are back in town... school has begun, but the people keep on partying! This was, perhaps, just a typical evening....with nothing too unsual....besides the big sombrero.

  • 8/29/00
    Penny Jo Pullus had a great performance this evening at the infamous Hole In The Wall on the drag here in Austin. Penny had two sets of rockin', Texas style...IT was great getting together with these guys again... Look for Penny around town as she supports her seventh album, luckily titled...."Luck #7".

  • 8/23/00
    Todd Phelps, once again, rocked the Scrap Bar, 6th St., here in Austin. This was an evening of fun...It just keeps getting better and better...No hippy chicks! Look for Todd's c.d. to be released soon....the artwork is in final assembly.

  • 8/16/00
    Todd Phelps had another kick butt night down at the Scrap Bar. The crowd just seems to be getting bigger and crazier each and every time.

  • 8/12/00
    Todd Phelps had a great time performing for a private party this evening. The ranch, near Georgetown, was nice...a huge log cabin mansion filled with stuffed, trophy, game....antlers...the whole western motive. The crowd was very enthusiastic...making it a hell of a good time for us in the band. This was an evening to remember...rocking at the poolside.

  • 8/9/00
    Todd Phelps had a great, hot, "Ke-Ke" show this evening at the Scrap Bar on 6th St.. How come there are always more ladies than guys at this bar? I'm not sure, but it sure is a good time...Todd has gained a residence at this here bar....Look Out! Kinky Bitches in the house...I mean Ke-Ke Beaches....

  • 8/4/00
    Todd Phelps performed to a crazy crowd this evening at Mango's, on the Drag. There was another band that opened the show. Todd did not hit the stage until midnight...and did he hit the stage! This was a rockin' country time!
    Look out for Kenny!
    Who Killed Kenny?

  • 8/2/00
    Todd Phelps had one of his "best" performances this evening at the Scrap Bar on 6th St here in Austin. The crowd was very responsive....dancing, singing, getting on stage, in the limelight! What another great evening!

  • 7/26/00
    Todd Phelps had another great show at the Scrap Bar on 6th St. here in Austin. The crowd keeps getting bigger and better. We played 3 strong sets of good 'ol Country & Western, in the traditional vein.

  • 7/20/00
    Todd Phelps had a great performance at Mango's, on the Gaudalupe Drag,...This night was great. The sound system was nice...Joel, the sound man, was great help. Todd, Jeff, and myself backed up Mr. Todd Phelps. We performed 2 different sets. Todd plans to be booked here again, real soon.

  • 7/19/00
    Laurie Markvart had a great , early performance on this evening at the infamous Saxon Pub here in Austin. This was Laurie's first time to play this particular club. Marsh, Rob, Ray, and myself, all, made the band that backed Laurie. The crowd was nice, quaint, and responsive. This was a great show for Laurie.
    A special thanks to David Cotton.

    Todd Phelps performed later in the evening at the Scrap Bar on 6th St. here in Austin. The crowd was great. The guys and gals were dancing. The beer was flowing. Todd, Todd, Jeff, and myself played from 10 p.m. to 2:20 a.m., with one break...Why did we only take one break? Nevertheless, this was one of Todd's most memorable performances. This evening was crazy. These gals know how to dress for the evening...and the guys are only wishing it was a buffet, all you can eat!

  • 6/28/00
    Todd Phelps had another Rockin' time at the Scrap Bar on 6th St.. The crowd was wild and crazy. Todd and the band did 3 strong sets this evening. The dancers were great..."Party in her pants"... or was it..."Pottie in his pants."?

  • 6/23/00
    Todd Phelps played for a private wedding reception at the Westwood Country Club, a real nice place on Lake Austin. It was a great time with a lot of sharp dressed folks.

  • 6/21/00
    Todd Phelps had a Texan Rockin' Time at 6th St.'s new club, Scrap Bar, for their Redneck Wednesday Holiday with $1, Lone Star...WOW! This show was a grand 'ol good time...It was a hootin'..the crowd was huge...the people responded with a lot of cheers...Todd Phelps, Todd Turner, Jeff Davis, and myself played 2 full sets of originals and covers...the real Country.

  • 6/17/00
    Matt McCormack had a fabulous show at the Speakeasy. Mark Addison was on the piano. Alex Weeden was on guitar. Gus Salmon was on bass while I was in the back, laying down the groove. Penny Jo Pullus joined us onstage for a version of the Rolling Stones, "Dead Flowers"...and it was fabulous! 8 1/2 Souvenirs closed the show with their unique "Euro" swing. This evening was incredible. It was great seeing all of our friends. Look for Matt to return to Austin in the fall of 2000.

  • 6/7/00
    Penny Jo Pullus had a great performance at the Saxon Pub. The crowd was small, yet nice. Penny had the boys backing her up; John, Craig, Chris, Pete, and myself. This was definately one of Penny's best sounding shows. It is always a pleasure to play with these great musicians.

  • 6/3/00
    Heather Wiley sported a sun dress for her third and final perfomance at the San Antonio Folklife Festival. The crowd was the largest and most responsive one yet. We all had a great relaxed show. This evening we played once again on stage #7. This was a great time, a blast, rocking and playing with these great musicians for an entire weekend...I hope to do it again. A special thanks goes out to Chris for letting me Rock on his nice drum set...I dig the kick drum.

  • 6/2/00
    Heather Wiley had another great performance in front of a large crowd at the San Antonio Folklife Festival. This evening, we enjoyed playing on the main stage, #5...the show was fun...a little "Spacey" maybe...
    Once again, these guys are a hoot. Thanks to Wil for letting me use his fine drumset...nice 12" splash... Paiste the best... and my favorite.

  • 6/1/00
    Heather Wiley performed her first of three evenings at the San Antonio Folklife Festival. The crowd was nice and responsive. It is a pleasure to be playing with Heather and her band; J.C. George, Dave Baxter, Rick "Fiddler Champ" Turpin. The evening was interesting. This evening we played on stage #7. This evening was Hot.

  • 5/20/00
    Laurie Markvart had a great performance at the infamous Babes Stageside. The crowd was nice and large with some response. Laurie had her full band; Marsh, Rob, Ray, and myself, all there backing her up for support. She also introduced some new tunes for the first time. It's a pleasure to be rocking with this project.
    Sad, but true...this was the last evening that this club, Babe's Stageside, will be open. Late Sat. night after we played, all of the employees were told that, "It's Over. Babe's is now closed." WOW! I hear that Guiness will be buying the club to make it into an Irish Pub...My gripe is, I love Guiness beer...
    Goodbye Babe's...
    It was a pleasure.
    Over the years, I have shared this stage with some great musicians.

  • 5/9/00
    Penny Jo Pullus had a great live performance at Babes on 6th St. The crowd was kind, responsive and full for the 93.3 FM Texas Locals Showcase. Penny opened the show with John, Craig, Pete, Ron and myself.
    Roger Krager, from Katy, and his band followed next. Kevin Fowler and his band closed the show with his rocking set.

  • 5/8/00
    Penny Jo Pullus had a great performance this evening at the infamous Threadgill's Restaurant, the place where Janis Joplin, a hometown Port Arthur gal, first got her start. There was a great crowd in the house to help Penny bring out her
    new c.d., Lucky # 7. This show was also broadcast, live, via Austin Music Network, Best of Texas Show. This was a most enjoyable time...Penny Jo had her Trailer Trash Band, which included; John, Craig, Ron, Pete, and myself. We performed five tunes for the responsive crowd...a memorable experience!

  • 4/29/00
    Penny Jo Pullus opened the 7th Annual Crawfish Festival at Emma Long Park here in Austin. Penny performed a great sounding 45 minute set to a responsive early crowd. The crawfish were pretty good, considering...this is Austin.
    I then had to drive to Big-D for another performance.
    Jengurl performed at the Main Street Internet Company in Deep Ellum, Dallas. The crowd was conservatively nice and receptive. Jen performed, acoustically-like, three 45 minute sets. This club, MSIC, is very interesting. There are 30 or more computers throughout the place that allows anyone, and everyone, to work the net, while they drink their beer and coffee... a really cool concept. Jen also recorded some of this show on an 8 track mpeg file recorder... maybe in the future, some of these nice recordings will end up on her new album.
    It was a pleasure playing with two ladies, in two cities, in one day...yet, it was a tiresome day.

  • 4/16/00
    Penny Jo Pullus played the Debra Schmidmt Benefit at Babes there on 6th St. This show had meany different artist that all came to help out in this special cause; which included Sexy Finger Champs, Headhunters, Dream Trybe, Mystery Date, LeeAnn Atherton, Ginger MacKenzie, Trish Murphy, Julieann Banks. I arrived late, only to see Trish performing off stage, amongst the audience, since she did not like the way it sounded on stage....this was a neat experience; an unplugged set. I then joined Julieann Banks on stage to drum for her...this was fun..I was flying blind; having never even heard any of the tunes, I perfomed off the cuff...exciting! Just when you thought that was it...Ha....Penny Jo ended the evening with a rocking set...John, Craig, and Ron all were there to help me, as the Trailer Trash Band, back up Miss Penny Jo. There were many great friendly people in the crowd as well. This one was a memorable evening...if you missed it, I'm sorry.

  • 4/10/00
    Laurie Markvart performed to a large crowd at Babes Stageside. With this show being only Laura's second outing, with her new band; it ROCKED! It's great to be playing some quality music...all the samples and loops that Laura uses are great to play with.

  • 4/3/00
    Penny Jo Pullus had a full day... First, Penny played 2 songs for the Austin Music Commision's weekly meeting which is televised locally on access television. Penny then stayed up all night to close the evening at The Hole In The Wall. Kevin Booth and his crew were also there to film footage for Penny's music video for her new single, "Faithless Heart", which Penny performed twice to catch the desired live footage.
    It was great seeing so many friends in the crowd there at the Hole.

  • 4/1/00
    Penny Jo Pullus had a nice show for the S.I.M.S. Benefit at the Zig Zag Salon there on the Guadalupe drag. Unfortunaely, both of her guitarist; John and Craig, could not be there; yet the show went off well. Penny had Ron Flynt on bass, Paul Leadey on guitar, both, from Ron Flynt and the Blue Hearts. John Bush of Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians sat in on the hand percusiion (It's amazing how many mutual friends John and I share; it's a small world). Nevertheless, It was a pleasure playing music at this event. The beer was great...

  • 3/19/00
    Laurie Markvart had a great C.D. release show at the infamous, Babes Restaurant on 6th St. here in Austin. This was the first time that Laruie's new C.D., entitled Intro was available to the public. This being the first show; surprisingly, everything went better than we anticipated. The crowd was large, for Babes Restaurant. This was also the last night for SXSW.
    Thank gosh, it's over!

  • 3/16/00
    SXSW is great! James Speer performed this evening at Longhorn Lodge on 6th St.. Jimmy George, Diego Simmons, and myself backed up James with nice improvisational compliments. This show was definatley one of the most enjoyable. It is a pleasure to share the stage with such talent. It is really cool walking the streets and seeing so many people that you know and so many that you will one day meet. It's a small world...and it only gets smaller.
    How 'bout this weather?

  • 3/15/00
    SXSW has begun with a bang! Matt McCormack had an awesome show at the Speakeasy, Wednesday evening. This was Matt's Official SXSW Showcase. It was a great crowd; an appreciative audience which included Kacy Crowley, members of The Black Crowes, members of The Bottle Rockets, Stephen Doster, and many more un-named talented musicians. Dewato, Lisa Richards, and Elliot Partridge opened the show while Troy Dillinger and the Del Dragons closed with a rocking set.

  • 3/12/00
    Matt McCormack had a great performance at the Hole In The Wall down on the drag. There were 3 other bands following Matt. This was the traditional Sunday night, "Free For All!", with Paul Minor of Superego leading the show.
    The Hole In The Wall is one of a kind...enough said...

  • 3/6/00
    Matt McCormack had an interesting show at the Speakeasy, on the rooftop for a happy hour, private party. The crowd was nice and responsive. It was beatiful playing up on the roof; what a spectacular view...the best in downtown Austin. The birds were flying to the tunes. The wind was blowing with the dynamics of the music. What a trip this show was... Stay away from the Locks...stinky finger......no thank you...try the pickled green beans.
    54 Seconds were playing next, downstairs, inside the club, on stage.

  • 3/3/2000
    Matt McCormack had one more great show at the Speakeasy. We opened in front of Brent Gorell & the 47 Indians, a nice tight seven piece band...horns yes horns, baby...with a lot of swing, blues, latin, you name it....the crowd at the swank Speakeasy was huge! It was great. Matt and the Red Wagon Band rocked! I'm still not sure where the Monkey in the Bed fits into any of this...? Stay tuned for more...

  • 3/1/2000
    Matt McCormack had another great show at the Speakeasy. Lisa Richards opened the show with her band backing her up delivering a cool pop sound. Matt followed with a loud, kick a.. set. The crowd was nice, and small; yet, responsive. Most of the songs on Tonopah were performed as well as a few new unreleased tunes. Be sure to check out one of Matt's shows at the swank Speakeasy.

  • 2/28/2000
    Penny Jo Pullus had a great performance at the infamous, Saxon Pub. Beth Black opened the show. Bob Schneider & Lonelyland followed with a huge fan base in the sardine-like crowd. Penny closed the show with a rocking set. It is nice playing to the audience at the Saxon Pub. There is always a great, warm response to every tune...while the two-stepping dancers are great!

  • 2/23/2000
    Matt McCormack had a great show at the Speakeasy, once again. It was a pleasure having Mr. & Mrs. McCormack, Matt's parents, in the audience. It was neat seeing Matt's Mother scoot and boogy out there on the dance floor. Stephen Doster joined Matt and the band, Red Wagon, on stage for a couple of songs. Dave, Alex, Gus and myself were all there to back it all up.
    Brooke & Cliff Axtell, the sister and brother duo, opened the show with their interesting, mesmerizing tunes.

  • 2/16/2000
    Matt McCormack had a great show at the Speakeasy. There was a nice huge crazy crowd in the house. Matt played most of the album, Tonopah. He also played some new material that has yet to be recorded. Alex, Gus, Dave and myself had a great time groovin'...It really is sounding great.
    Tom Dessain opened with an acoustic set.

  • 2/11/2000
    Penny Jo Pullus had a great show at the Continental Club. Unfortunately, her bass player, John Maines came down with the flu a few days prior to the show. So, Penny, John Noterthomas and myself performed a nice acoustic set. The crowd was huge and responsive; which makes it a heart felt experience. Chapparel closed the show with their rocking country tunes. The Continental Club is one of the coolest bars that Austin has to offer.

  • 2/9/2000
    Matt McCormack had a great, rocking show at the Speakeasy. The crowd was nice and large. The dancers were wonderful. Matt performed 2 sets, since he was the only artist for the evening. It's just getting better and better. Be sure to make it out to the Speakeasy...real soon.

  • 2/8/2000
    Matt McCormack played , for his first time, at The Saxon Pub to a nice, small and intimate crowd. This show was the second time out for the "new" band...and it is sounding great. I think Gus and Dave are having a good time, since joining Matt's band. Alex and I are both happy to be playing with some "top-notch" performers as well.
    Before Matt, Sun Vocina and Lisa Tingle both played their usual Tues. night sets.

  • 2/2/2000
    This was one of the best!
    Matt McCormack had an excellent show at the Speakeasy. The crowd was great. Stephen Doster, Heather Wiley, Dewato, 54 Seconds, Mr.Fabulous, and many others were all there in the audience. Matt performed most of the songs on his last recording, "Tonopah". He also threw in some new tunes that have yet to be recorded. It was great seeing my old high school friend , Mark Nichols, who just arrived into Austin...it's been 8 years...Wow!

  • 1/31/2000
    Penny Jo Pullus closed the show at the Hole in the Wall. Larry Seaman, Kevin Christopher, and a great ukelelee band, all opened in front of Penny. The crowd was mininum, yet nice and attentive. Penny performed new material from her upcoming album, Lucky 7. Look for this recording to be out soon.

  • 1/21/2000
    Penny Jo Pullus had a great performance at the infamous Mexican Restaurant, Jovita's. There was a great crowd...all ages...great for the family. We played a good hour and a half, with a mixed set of country and rockin' tunes! Jovita's has some authentic Mexican food...it's worth trying. It was great to be reunited with both John and Johnny...Penny sounded great.

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