Bryan Breaux
The Adobe Sessions

Throughout the years, I have always been a composer/ songwriter.
Unfortunately, when one is also the drummer, one tends to stay behind the drum kit.
Well, enough is enough... It is time.
Over the last, three years or so, I have been building my own little musical cave / recording studio.
After sitting on a huge catalogue of original music that I have recorded, I decided it was time to start pushing the offspring out the door.
Hence, the first of many releases to come.
"The Adobe Sessions"
This is a collection of music that I have composed, written and recorded all by myself.
I played all of the musical instruments.
I sang all the vocals.
I also pushed all the buttons to make sure it was all digitally recorded.
I even took the photo which became the album cover art.
I snapped the shot on one winter day in Terlingua, Texas.
There is one exception on this album.
"Secrets" was recorded at my good friends home.
His name is Michael Willcox.
Michael also plays all the beautiful electric lead guitar throughout this tune.
Other than this, it is all me...100%!
It is what it is.
I cant define it, nor do I try to.
I create what I can to the best of my abilities.
No pretense nor any ego here...
At 43 years of age, I am beyond all of that.
I hope you all enjoy!

"The Adobe Sessions" is available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc..

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